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In a human world, sometimes the dog gets lost. Given the differing perspective and cognitive abilities the canine has, humans can easily send mixed signals or exacerbate issues without being aware. In certain situations, you may have a good idea of what you need to accomplish as a team but no clue how to get there. Whether it is behavior or obedience, getting from Point A to Point B is important, but it is also our assigned responsibility to take an ethical approach; it is imperative to become the firm leader your dog needs. 

With a firm and concise approach, the dog finds comfort in the clarity and confidence you display. Just like with humans, we do not put trust in wavering behavior. In order to achieve this goal, You must learn to lead your dog in the human world and build a pattern of reliability that ensures safety and balance within your dog. 

Dogs are not human and they do not operate as such; they do not come pre-conditioned to make the proper human decisions or deductions, thus they are not the best decision makers. By training the dog to safely respond consistently, it is then that we can appreciate and experience the true bond between canine and human.

Lead Your Dog opts for a hands on and comprehensive approach, which is why we don’t believe in fast promises, quick fixes, or trickery. We say yes and no while working through the issues with canine cognition in mind. 

Lead Your Dog advocates safety, reliability, and practicality for both owner and dog.